Stealing Laura's money

Date: 4/26/2017

By holliewW

I dreamt I was in a bedroom I'd never been in before seemed kinda empty just like a bed and a dresser and looking through some drawers. Wasn't sure to whom this room belonged to but inside the dresser was a shoesbox. I opened the box and there was a bunch of unorganized fresh 100$ dollar bills and some 10$'s,5$'s, and a bunch of 1$'s. But I just grazed some of the top 100$'s and left the room. I am now suddenly in my old bedroom (The one upstairs on Rainbowfalls with the walk in closet.) and inside the closet was filled with clothes shoes just a persons overly collected disorganized belongings. And I guess I hid the money in a box because somehow it was already hidden in the closet? But some how I just knew I did it or something? Anyways I'm now with my brother Josh and he knows about the money too and is involved now. And Laura I guess was in the closet prior to us even magically poofing into the bedroom, and had dug through the closet but didn't find the box full of money. Josh and I planned to hide it better when we had got a chance (don't know why right then wouldn't of been?) but we didn't and Laura came into the room I woke up shortly.. Awake