Nightmare House of Horrors

Date: 7/7/2017

By nohaboa97

Although the title sounds like it was a carnival, my dream was not even close to that. My family and I started on some gated-community styled houses except that they were log cabins. At some point, though I can't remember when, instead of staying in one of the houses we moved to some sort of underground building only accessible via this submarine like hatch. At first everything was fine: we went swimming with some friends and went to a zoo with my aunt (she loves zoos) where I saw this really weird creature that I now can't remember the name of. The creature was similar to a kangaroo, except it's fur was very short and both its skin and fur were gray. It also had a long, alienish face with tall black eyes at the top. When we got back to the cabin one time, it was snowing so we quickly got inside and started a fire. The fire glowed blue which was odd, but it very quickly got worse. Our underground building had only 1 floor with a crawlspace beneath it. To get to the crawlspace you had to take a small dumbwaiter down. In addition you could always leave and enter the house without using the hatch because there was a stone above our house that acted as a teleportation spot (if you were near enough to it, you could teleport to it; if you were touching it, you could teleport to another stone). The fire kinda exploded really weirdly and went out. The ceiling at one end of our building began collapsing and it did so until the entire roof had fallen in. A quick glance showed that the house had been raised up to street level: we were no longer underground. I suddenly felt a fear I've never felt before as a herd of random nightmarish animals and objects rolled down the street past me. A bronze bull stopped and looked me in the eye and my fear doubled over. I ran and hid in the dumbwaiter to try and keep from the nightmares, but the deed had already been done and before I realised it I was making it worse. A short second after I closed the dumbwaiter door, it began to go down. It went for a long time and I quietly accepted that I was likely to die. I woke up and noticed a storm outside. I went back to sleep. The dumbwaiter had just reached the bottom. I wasn't there the entire time, but I could tell the dumbwaiter had taken me far away by only going down. I stepped out and the door slammed shut behind me. I looked around and realized I was in a very large, maze like library. I immediately knew all the rules to this sick game I was stuck in so I began. The rules are as follows: Hidden around the maze are bronze tokens with a bull on them. Collecting them will give you points. Every 2 points you advance a level once you call it out (certain bookshelves shift in ways that only you can see or act upon and you teleported randomly somewhere in the maze; the tokens are similarly only effective for you). At 8 tokens you will be taken somewhere that allows you to leave (most likely how you came in, but I understood that there was a chance that I would not be back there). There's an additional rule that if you don't feel like finding a single token, you can open hand touch anyone you come across to kill them for one token. If you want to skip finding tokens on an entire level, you can open hand touch someone you knew well before coming to the maze for 2 tokens. I made my way through the levels, determined to do it without dieing and without killing. At level 4 (with 7 tokens) I found a friend I had from back in high school. We hadn't kept up well and he was clearly angry from not being able to find tokens. As soon as he saw me, he began to chase me down calling out my name. As I was climbing a circular iron staircase, i realized I had I tokens and called it. I was teleported directly in front of the dumbwaiter and climbed in. I woke up.