Date: 3/25/2017

By madnewman13😼

Last night I dreamt that I was being all flirty with my crush and trying to cuddle with him at school, but he was ignoring me! And everyone else! It almost seemed as if he hated to see our faces, even his best friend's when he had to move to the front. He seemed happy about it! And also in this dream, two of my classmates were also trying to be all flirty with him. Alex and Katelyn. But they were more just following him and giggling. But he still payed no attention. At the last part of the dream, I wrapped my arms around him and asked if he liked me, but he turned around and glared at me, pinching me hard on my arm, which he would never do! Then he said, "Why don't you find out yourself?" And the dream ends. WTF DOES THAT MEAN??!