Meta Sleep Talking

Date: 1/28/2019

By UnicornDragon27

So I don't remember what my original dream was about. All I remember was that in my dream I was talking to my mom. Then I heard my roommate say "what?" And I looked over at her and said "Oh did I say that out loud? Sorry I was asleep I'm in limbo..." then I heard her say "oooh that makes sense. I thought you were awake." And then I said "no I'm like in between..." then I fell back asleep. When I finally woke up I decided to ask my roommate what I said while sleep talking so I could try and remember my dream. Turns out none of that happened. I was laughing in my sleep and at one point sleep talked and apologized for waking her up even though she was already awake. She was confused and realized I was asleep. Haha so basically I dreamt about sleep talking, but actually sleep talked about something else. I guess while dreaming I found it funny that I sleep talked to her instead of my mom?? Also in the dream when I looked at my roommate my huggable sized hamster plushie named Patrick was next to me (like usual), but when I actually woke up Patrick was on the floor a few feet away from the bed 😯.