Obama made me breakfast

Date: 1/21/2017

By SweetPeaMigee

In part of the dream, I was on the beach flying a kite with my boyfriend. My friend Cheryl was there too, but we lost track of where we were walking because the kite was pulling us away from Cheryl. We tried to get back to her, but we're trying to be careful not to tangle strings with another kite flyer. Next scene, I'm in my small apartment and president Obama is at my apt with a white chubby politician but I can't remember who it was. I got the sense that the other politician was related to me somehow and that's why the two of them were staying at my house. President Obama starts cooking me breakfast, and it's a traditional Mexican breakfast with refried beans, eggs, tortillas. He was being so nice and so cool. I tell him I don't want to take advantage of his company but I ask if he and the other man would take a picture with me later and he said yes. I guess I really miss President Obama already. :(