Train station

Date: 6/8/2017

By Chaco

I remember getting off the train on my actual train stop when I head home but this particular time I was with a group of people, perhaps friends. I don't remember. But as I got off I turn my back to look at them to try and continue the conversation, as I do everything around me froze in time. Everything was black and white. Everyone had a frozen expression on their faces, stopped in motion. I look around trying to see what's going on and I see someone behind the group of people I was with still moving. I try to approach this person, as I got closer I saw that this person wasn't "real" in the sense that he doesn't exist in the human world. Being all flustered and confused I stood my ground in front of this thing. Slowly I saw that this person was moving into a fighting pose. I began to do the same. When I look down to position myself, I saw that my clothing has changed into some type of shots from street fighter. We then jumped at each other to throw out the first blow. I wake up.