Episode 35 - Another dream about sleeping

Date: 4/18/2017

By Marvin10

Part1. I am viewing this as an outside observer. There is like fundraisers going on and speeches acknowledging the people who helped with the fundraisers. Mick Malthouse was mentioned in a couple of speeches. Random Part 2. Once again I am dreaming about looking for a place to sleep. Clearly I am sleep deprived 😴. I am lying in this unknown room. I remember that there is a car parked outside. I am trying to get to sleep when I can hear 2 nurses talking as they walk past outside. Their conversation was so clear I would swear that they were standing next to my bed but I don't recall what they were talking about. Part 3. I think I am in a nightclub and there is a girl standing at the bar smiling at me. She is Indian and was a bridesmaid at a wedding that I photographed in real life. I start to talk to her and she kisses me. That is all I recall.