Amelia's Parallel Universe

Date: 6/1/2019

By -Frelsun-

I don't know why I did it. I don't know how I did it. But it should not have been done. I summoned Amelia's house, with her whole family in it, from another parallel universe into our own. The property of Washington had always been an empty grass lot next to the Haechrel's. Yet now, it had the Parallel Amelia's house on it on the far side, 1 block from Amelia's house. The Parallel house was rotated 90 degrees from the original. I was walking with Amelia and Kelly from Fanci Freez to Amelia's house, and I showed her what I had done. She got very worried, and ran into her house, us following close behind. I had been staying at their house for a while, sleeping mainly on a couch near the front door in the living room. After a few days of the Parallel house on Washington, we (the Haechrel's and I) got news that the Parallel Haechrels were doing terribly, all suffering from extreme disorientation and bad headaches, because everything had shifted 90 degrees in their minds. This continued on for a couple days. One Night I was instinctively drawn out of Amelia's house towards the Parallel one. As I ran down the sidewalk I realized I was wearing only underwear, but it didn't matter. As I ran under a tree branch, a large green spider almost hit my right shoulder, and I had to dodge it as I ran. I turned back after I'd passed it to make sure it was still in the tree, and it was. (Good) When I was at the Parallel house, I pulled open a sliding glass door at the back of the house that was unlocked, and walked in slowly. I had to climb across a chair and a couch after entering. It was still Night out, and I heard someone ahead, in the kitchen. I creeped forward, and saw a curtain on the right of the kitchen, with a girl's sillouhette against it. I thought it could be Amelia, but her hair was in a tight bun and she was doing ballad, so I wasn't sure. The girl heard me approaching and sharply pulled back the curtain. I had squatted down so I wouldn't appear as threatening to whoever it was. It was Nikita Scott! Not Amelia by a long shot. Nikita demanded to know what I was doing in Amelia's house, and I responded that I was looking for a friend of mine, though perhaps this was the wrong house. Then Amelia's mom walked in from the living room (on my left, since I was facing the front of the house) and I thought, "Or maybe this is the right house." Ms. Haechrel didn't see me right away, and I noticed she looked unlike I'd known her. She looked extremely sharp and strict, and was very thin and tall. She could have been holding a baton in her hand for all her seriousness, yet she also looked regal, like a queen. Nikita then pointed to me, and I in a second flat had shoulder rolled out the door again. However, I knew Ms. Haechrel had seen my shoes as I rolled out the door. I ran back to Amelia's, and wasn't bothered by the Parallel people. The next day I walked over to the Parallel Haechrel's house again to apologize. After they'd let me in, I sat at the bar in their kitchen. It was again only Nikita and stern Ms. Haechrel. The woman told me in a clipped British/German accent I was lucky their dog hadn't heard me, or I wouldn't likely be alive still. However, I vaguely remembered from the night before that after I'd snuck into their house I'd been greeted by a large furry dog who'd licked my face once. I told them, and Nikita said, "No way." I then left their Parallel house, and made my way back to Amelia's.