Deeper than The Land of Oz

Date: 3/27/2017

By Fitful

I was living in this bright colored land. I think my family left me while they went off on a trip in a station wagon, like the old timey station wagons the settlers used in the old west. I was almost too busy to notice they were gone. My ex and I were still together or something like that. She gave me a mug for our anniversary, it was like she had dumped her entire phones contents of photos on the mug, it cycled between pictures not really discriminating between pictures of us and just stuff she liked. I think i had written her a symphony, or something more grandiose. I felt a little upset she added the other pictures, and that it seemed to change based on month and on who was in the room. There were two girls trying to kill each other. They both liked the same guy, and wanted him for themselves. However it was just a social experiment. A high pitched noise sounded throughout the clouds and went threw a vase for those indoors. It made them think they were in love with some one instantly. They were colleagues, scientists, working before that. Other people were affected throughout the land too. I was having a conversation with God. He looked like Albus Dumbledore, acted like him too. Actually I think he was him. Anyway we were having a laugh about how the moment he asked anyone anything they would do what he wanted. It was like magic. People even did it if he was just in the conversation. Mention his name and they did what he wanted automatically. In the middle of our conversation a woman hurried into the room, spoke with asking him something and shook his hand while shaking with emotion herself, and went to go do something he had vaguely mentioned would be good. She left the room like a Kings subject would, backed out bowing and bending over his hand as if about to kiss it but not daring to actually. This reiterated our joke of course. I laughed and joked about name dropping more often. I told him I'd just tack God onto any old paragraph, I wouldn't even leave a space between sentences. He laughed and said I should. We both thought it was so funny. I wasn't serious tho, even as I laughed at the joke I felt uncomfortable about actually doing it. Like it was mind control.