Date: 2/9/2017

By camcgregor

So I was with some girl in an abandon building for some reason. We were trying to find our parents but it was so dark we couldn't find them anywhere. Whenever we went into a really dark room I got really scared and backed away but she kept going in. We went into this one room and the girls mom was right there and slowly walking over to us. I forget what she was saying but I think she was telling us to make a cure because she was a zombie. The girl of course walked over to her mom and her mom kinda jumped on top of her trying to attack her. I got her mom off and we started running away. All I remember was me being like talon in lol jumping over walls in the jungle. So I ran over to a dead end and jumped over the wall and ran over to something that looked like a small volcano and jumped over that as well.I I don't remember anything after that but it was a weird one.