Nails and Boy

Date: 5/16/2019

By ashmarie15

8:34AM there’s 2 parts that i remember about this one. The first part was that i was at a nail salon with my sisters and they both went before me. We had to pick two colors but all the colors were blue or teal. Alyssa went first and hers looked great, then boo went and hers were cute too. I was really stressed about going because i nite my nails and they look really bad, which is why i wanted to get them done to look good and cover them up to let them grow out. I told they woman that they looked rough and she told me to watch this video about it, i told her i already watched it. Which wasn’t a lie i guess, but i don’t really remember what the video was even about. So anyway then she told me to let her take a look and she told me NOPE she could not do it. Too short. Gotta grow them out. So i left embarrassed. Next dream was that my whole high school class was graduating from something. I assume high school but I’m not too sure since it didn’t look like my high school and there wasn’t a graduation ceremony or anything that would make it seem like it’s a graduation, everyone just knew. The first part was playing some weird game in the gym with with old elementary school gym teacher. It was a weird walking game, maybe that was the ceremony or something. Next was receiving all these random ass gifts like bags of dirt and soil and emptying my locker of clothes and random stuff that has no reason to be in a locker and loading my friends car up with everything. There was this guy that I’ve known from elementary school (who’s hella cute but i haven’t actually talked to in many years) and i told him that there was something i wanted to tell him, so i pulled him into a bathroom and we made out for a while. He felt really bad though because apparently he had a girlfriend. We then found out that his girlfriend didn’t really care about him and just left on a bus without him. So he felt better about it and we tried doing some inappropriate things but it just wasn’t going in lmao. That’s pretty much all i remember right now