bruh idek

Date: 6/23/2019

By woyote

okay so basically bitch ass kurt shut down arts. like we were all at this place and apparently a bunch of students knew about a crime or somethin then suddenly there was a bunch of cops surrounding the area, right? n hannah and i were just like oh fuck and idk how but somehow we got the message that the focus program had been cancelled and we all had to start attending our home high schools again. i told my mom we all got kicked out m she was surprisingly cool with it. first we were all suppose to head to arts for something but as i was walking there i decided i needed to run to lhs and do something. the entire neighborhood was all weird and wonky, nothing like how its actually laid out. i get into lhs thru one of the side doors and classes are going on so im sneaking around like you would if you were skipping class. sometime thru out walking from the side hall to the hall that connects south building to main building the dream changes direction and im suddenly not an actual student but like, a spy of sorts??? basically im walking thru and glancing at all the athletic classes going on. in lhs, south hall goes past the boys locker room n on the other side of the locker room is the weight training room n wrestling gym. then it opens up to the big fat hall with the openings to all the gyms n theres the stairs n all the trophy cases. basically that hall didnt go into the music room area of the school but into this big glass cafeteria that was used for a cheer/gymnastics class when lunch wasnt going on. i had to sneak thru that room to carry on whatever tf my mission was but i didnt know how. i had apparently acquired a few other students who were helping me get out if the school and one of them pointed out that there was this staircase on a really badly built frame that led to the "productions room" basically the door led to the the auditorium. we snuck in and the dream shifted again. suddenly ry and i were hiding underneath this big bleacher like row of theatre chairs and aj saw us. he helped us sneak out so the theatre teacher wouldn't notice us in there. we escape the school and this is when shit gets sketchy bc what the actual fuck. basically ry and i are both "omegas" from a different planet n were doing some secret mission shit and i honestly have no idea what our goal was but these government guys are chasing us. across the road from lhs is this big industrial building ne we fucking FLY to the roof of it to hide. apparently the building had been out hide out for the duration of out time on earth but we disguised it as an office building. we ducked into the lower level just as the government dudes roll up on the roof so they chase us down to the next floor but when they get inside they're like wtf where is all the office workers and pow, that's how they knew we tricked them all into thinking it was a normal business. i vaguely remember ry n i using the machine wings (that how we could fly) to glide into the next building but that's when i woke up and i honestly dont remember really what happened.