Ruining my Relationship with my Cousin

Date: 2/14/2017

By Oxenfree

The dream started out with me and some random guy that I don't know sitting in a car next to each other. I was thirsty and started looking through my backpack for water. I told him that I usually keep a lot of water with me. Then he pulled little tubes out of his backpack and fed me water like a mother would feed her baby milk out of a bottle. Then he poured some on my head and I was smiling and I don't really know how to react in that moment. Then the scene changed and I was at a dentists office with my cousin and my mom and her girlfriend were in the office with us. She was getting mad at me because in I tried to show my very Christian cousin a movie about sex and rasism with Elmo in it. And I tried to tell her that we didn't get very far into the movie and she was still mad and my cousin was mad at me too. And my cousin wouldn't even talk to me. Then we were leaving the dentists office and we were in the parking lot and getting into the same car at the beginning of the dream. I have no idea where my mom and her girlfriend went, but my cousin got in before me and took the seat that I wanted. I got mad and annoyed and I told her that she was mad and that she was gonna probably rate a movie that she didn't really see. Then the same guy with the water came and went in before me and sat in the back then I climbed in and sat in the back with him. Then I woke up.