zombie Mini golf

Date: 7/29/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

so what I remember is being at some sorry of Mini golf course, but we were not playing golf. d and Amadeo were there, that I recall and we were going through the course as if it were an obstacle course. there were lots of water hazards and I wad worried about getting my phone wet. I remember chiding d because he was obsessed with getting into knee deep water. them we went to a public restroom, but I don't remember what happened there. when we left, Kevin Durant was there. that's 2 times he has been in my dreams. we were standing on a hill above the parking lot and zombies were running to the cars. Kevin said we needed to get to the other parking lot and we began to run while they were occupied with their people in the cars in the lot. he was faster than all of us and beat us to the cars, but I was right behind him. that is all I remember.