a haircut, a skank, and miniture drug addicts for friends

Date: 8/22/2017

By victoriamwrites

I don't go to parties, but for some reason I did this time. the party seemed to be taking place in a bookstore/barber shop, and there was a school bus in the front and a construction site out front. so I went to this bookstore/barber shop, I hid amongst the bookshelves, and I began to blindly chop at the back of my own hair. a really cute black dude came up to me and told me that he would fix the disaster of a haircut I was working on, but he told me that he would have to completely shave my hair and I cried. he hugged me, then made me sit on his lap, which made me really uncomfortable because I'm in a relationship, a friend of his came up and started cutting my hair. then that was over and I was in the party section? I was there with Hunter and some people that were apparently friends of ours, but I cant remember who they are. I got anxious, so Hunter and I went out front to the school bus and this blond bitch was hitting on my man. he said something about the vape he was bulding and she was "Oh, you build vapes, ooooh." Then he said something specific about a part or something, and I said something specific back and she was like "Ugh, I guess you reslly know him." it was super obvious that she was tryna steal him and dream Hunter was completely obvious, I'm real life pissed. anyway, I got Hunter out of there, then we went back into the party. there was a man sleeping under a coffee table, a large athletic guy I went to high school with that did nothing but work out and party (or at least that's how he chooses to portray himself). and in his sleep he is talking so everyone is very silently standing around him in a circle, and staring at him. all of a sudden he basically screams in his sleep "hey emo, shut the fuck up," and then everyone pulls out a dslr and takes a picture of sleeping man at the exact same time. Hunter me and our alleged friends leabe out the back door to the construction sight. I walk over and see something not human, not animal and get scared. I tell everyone, they tell me to stay put and they go check it out. things like the one I saw get mad that they invaded the construction site, so they start making my friends into tiny versions of themselves, and picking them up and taking them to this nusery, chase scene in which they split off in different directions and go down different hallways, I loose all of them so I have to open each and every door to look for my now tiny friends, only to find that they are not only tiny now, but also drug addicts. I find them 1 by and take them, being chased by the not quite humans, and fought by the friends who want to stay and do drugs. I escape, and then I wake up.