many dreams

Date: 7/23/2016

By laramc

I had many dreams last night -I dreamt of being back with Samantha, we were jumping off things.. Idk I think it was a basketball court -Ege came all the way from Çanakale to give us our charger back, but when he came he gave me a long hug and whispered something in my ear, I can't remember what it was. Except I wasn't in Ankara, we were sitting downstairs in Nambucca. And when he came to give me a hug, he didn't hug Natalie who was sitting on her bed, me on mine. No one else was downstairs. It felt like he only saw me. -I remember something about Anjali (not remembering about her in a dream, like I dreamt of her I just can't remember what..) -I went snowboarding, except everyone was together on the same slope, like it was a gathering. I had lollies, some were drugs?! I tried to join a snowboarding class and beat the boys hahaha Most of these dreams were short and I don't remember much details, here's all I remember.