Family of ghouls

Date: 3/17/2017

By smylx

We were all creatures similar to ghouls and I was part of a different family. There was an evil stepmother and we had a baby sister who possessed great powers. One day we caught the stepmother doing something against us and we decided to flee her island/castle. We had to swim across the ocean back to the city island. It was my first time trying to swim with my kagune. Every time i tried to move I wasn't sure whether I was moving or not. It felt very draining as it was my first time. We had to rush ahead while our bodyguards stayed behind to take care of our evil stepmother who wanted to steal our baby sisters powers. And so we rode the sea at night and when we almost arrived at city island the evil stepmother was behind us. I rush ahead and ran up some stairs rushing to place my sister in the protective golden seashell which the stepmother couldn't touch. People from the city ended up killing her and power was restored.