Japan tour, earthquakes and being talon.

Date: 4/25/2017

By dixsilence

So I went to a trip to Japan on a malice mizer tour, it was an old visual kei music band. I was on a place between sewers, old water pools, underground labyrinth, and a kitchen. I mean the main purpose of that place was to wash dishes and sort. The tour was going there, I was alone so I traveled at my will. The was more people, every water pool was for a different music video and there was a lot. I went into one and a song started to play and 3 more people also jumped in, I think all were japanese. A band's member was above and start playing as he was a bad guy, emptying the pool with us inside. We managed to not to drown standing on wooden platform below the water. It was fun. After that I kept waking between corridors and stalking some members, they were so funny but I never saw any of their faces, always their backs. So I left that place and I appeared outside a market, downtown​ you can see low bridges and more people. Boom, I was participating in another video, looking down were 3 people escaping, they were dressed as brown monks. I went to them and joined, they were all japanese so I barely could understand some words but we all laughed and had a good time. Again, one of the members was above us watching us like we were prisoners escaping, the cameraman made a cool zoom on him, lol. After that I reunited with my group (?). We were talking when again a band member walked behind me and poked my back. Jesus they were so playful. A then I appeared on my house, I walked upstairs, there were people on my old room but I didn't care much, kept walking to my room and I found snails in the entrance, weird, so I took the and throw them into the garden. Inside my room was very bright like there was no roof and the sun was illuminating everything directly and also the walls were transparent. Also I had enormous beautiful windows and they were shaking violently because there was an earthquake (we had a 7.1 earthquake yesterday irl) and I tried to film it. Then I appeared on the middle of the road and don't know why. Last dream, I was on my garden and I was like talon, a character from a video game (league of legends). I was jumping the walls until I landed on my neighbor yard. There was a kitten so I went directly to pet it, but a slightly bigger cat was the boss and it was very annoying. This dream was brown and with a bright white sky.