Date: 8/14/2017

By Fitful

I was seeking out a grandmother in some rich part of an alien city. This city was elaborate and fancy, delicate and beautiful architecture, and the people were obviously not human. It was interesting to see the difference, I didn't really think much about it while in the dream, but the accents were heavy and akward and the skin on the faces seemed stretched and came in pastel colors. I was pink, or maybe green-blue. I was from a different part of town, a poor part, and I was seeking information on my heritage. I had to sneak into my grandmother mansion and find the information. Her servants helped me, and this guy who seemed enchanted with me helped too. The guards, however, were determined to stop me. I snuck in twice, despite almost getting caught. I had to find my grandmother. I spend part of this dream at home. Home was where I played a lot of video games, and I think I was a lesbian. I was also annoyed at my guardian. I can't remember much of home. I spent some time I a were house which sold everything. While there I pretended to only know Latin when some guys kept hitting on me. ~ A really pretty girl died so I could live. I'm not sure why she did that, and I was on the verge of protest the entire time. I kept meaning to tell her she couldn't do that, but every time I realized how good a decision it was. It felt right. And I don't know why. It felt like she became me.