A Super Kidnapping

Date: 3/29/2017

By Fitful

I was kidnapped and de-aged and makeup, this silver and blue glitter stuff put on my face. It seemed permanent. This superhero did this to me, in order to save me and fix this other world, a parallel one. We were chased by this godzilla type character into a hole, and it spat us out into the other world. We barely made it, and a superhero companion of ours didn't. I was taken to a underground complex in this other parallel world. This superhero, some muscular dude in ink black latex superhero suit, popped me in with his superhero friends and their organization of rescued other worlders. The MO was the same, each person there was an adult kidnapped "in order to protect them" deaged, face painted (so they wouldn't be recognized) and brought here to be integrated into society. I was given a bed, it was very very soft, and left alone until it was "day". I even fell asleep, and did so several times the bed was that soft. I then spent several days trying to get used to being a kid again, and that I was in a world not mine. I had to get used to the differences. It was literally a parallel world, some things were just different. It felt darker in a way, more desperate, with some sort of oppression from the godzilla type character who chased me here and his people. The Godzilla type was also very upset I was taken by the superhero group and vowed to get me for his side, whatever that side was. I deliberately didn't look in the mirror for a few days, the paint was constantly on my face, and if it looked like everyone else's I thought I'd better wait anyway. Their makeup was horrid. Apparently it was a thing each kid brought here went through, it took days for them to look in the mirror. Finally, after walking by the mirror a lot, I did look in. The left of my face was done in this blue paint covered in silver glitter. The blue was perfectly prominent around my eye, looking like a drag queen. You know that McDonald's upside down U. And it looked bad enough but the right half of my was done slightly differently, as if the artist (in this case the superhero who "rescued" me), hadn't had time to do it the same. The eye was barely a circle, the same ration of blue undertone and silver glitter was off and different, and the edges in the middle didn't meet right, as if the artist had been afraid to bungle it, so didn't much paint the seam. I was properly horrified. I worked my face the in the mirror, stretching my mouth and noticed it was impossible to get this stuff off. It also was difficult to move my face, it was stiff from the glitter and paint. I searched for a way to remove it, this guy mentioned a few technical names and I found them on rubbing alcohol. I used the rubbing alcohol to remove the glitter and paint, but my face was still tinged blue, mostly near the top half. I finally gave up and decided to be blue. I then tried to fit in with the world I was in. Much was different. They made us go to school, take a vocation, and become apprentices. When we went up to the surface it was always a nerve wracking affair. A certain group of people were always on the lookout for us, those bad godzilla types, and I had a friend who could always find me whereever I was, this little black boy. He'd pop up, leave me fresh baked goodies, maybe a piece of technology or something, then disappear before the Superheros could notice. Finally I was comfortable in my surroundings, I had been there a while and fit in, I was good at fixing things and that was my vocation. They asked me what I liked to do and I was listing the things I enjoyed. One was Harry Potter fanfiction, but I learned real fast they had no Harry Potter. The books hadn't been written here. I had looked up on their Internet for the book and not found it but hadn't thought much of it at the time. But I grew very horrified, and told them I couldn't stay, since Harry Potter didn't exist in this world. I was dead serious. The godzilla character attacked at that moment and tried to take me.