The Boarding(?) School and the Hot Teacher

Date: 7/21/2017

By TheBrunette102

It all starts off where I'm in some sort of room with some other girls (it seemed like we were 16 maybe), and it felt like we were in maybe a boarding school? I couldn't see the room in detail at all. There was a male teacher there, he was good looking. He had dark hair, blue eyes (maybe?) and pale skin. I don't think it was a lesson, I think we were all just having fun with games and were in our own clothes. I sort of remember talking, like the girls talking among themselves about just random things. I think I snuck off with the hot teacher. He was wearing regular clothes too. We started kissing in a room alone. Could have been a library. I don't remember much of this dream but I get the feeling that we were caught by some of the other girls and I might have realized that i wasn't the only one he did this sort of thing with. I woke up after that.