Gorilla, Stones, and Dark Snakes

Date: 3/4/2017

By Dreamabetterdream

So I had odd dreams last night and I remember clips of them. One of them, I remember that I've had a similar dream as it a while back. So I decided to buy a game called something like 'kill all the snakes' and its.a game where there are SO MANY thick dark black snakes and they aren't skinny they're more swollen and long as if they've been filled with blood (but I didn't think about this in my dream) and at first there a big pile of them in a shape of a box and there's this solution that kills them that I'm supposed to use to kill them. The problem is that there's never enough solution. Once he saw what I'd bought my little brother said, "ugh, don't you know that there's not enough solution from last time?" referring to a dream I had a while back where my uncle bough then I think? and we had trouble with them. This time tough wasn't as bad as the last time and even though there were a couple alive, most of them died. I also remember being a little afraid in the beginning and asking for more solution from my brother but he said no it's your problem I'm too tired or something. Another clip I remember is being at the scene of the giant ape/gorilla in The Jungle Book and having to kill it with a stone just like the David and Goliath story. I told my little brother to find some small stones (I was thinking to get the gorilla in the eye b/c I had a sling). There was more before this dream but I don't remember. Another clip is kind of terrifying now that I think about it but I had to kill a bunch of deer like creatures all with antlers for some reason. One of them was pregnant and I thought oh better kill this one to get a bang for my buck, but it was the angriest scarier one and I remember it being a male. It's Dave flushed red when I got close to it and chased me and bit my led hard but obviously I didn't feel pain really. Someone else was there and helped me when I was scared but I don't remember who. This one may have been a continuation of killing the snakes in a different form.