5 Dreams in a row about Melanie Martinez

Date: 1/27/2017

By SkyCloud888

Ok so I had 5 dreams in a row about Melanie Martinez. Like wtf? XD This proves I'm obsessed with her. These dreams are not in order, but I put them in order so they made sense: I got invited to a snack night at my "run down college". My gym teacher pulled me out of class and handed me a flyer that had a bunch of people's pictures. And I thought that Melanie Martinez was on it. I got excited and I ran around trying to find the location. I came to another event, which wasn't the right one for some reason, and some guy started talking about a movie that he's seen. I started taking but then I had to go to the bathroom. Then, I was pacing back and forth waiting for the bathroom. I think the line was long, I'm not sure because I barged out of the room and wanted to look for Melanie. I saw her walking out of the college. I think. I started to chase after her, but bumped into the gym teacher again. He showed me a similar, but different flyer of another snack night. I looked at my original one, and realized the picture that I thought was Melanie wasn't her. And I looked at the new flyer, and the image of the student wasn't her either. I guess my obsession with her was getting to my head. It was lunch time, and I was scared to talk to people because I had an OCD problem that made me scared of what I would say in front of people, and how my words would come out. 2 boys that looked 5 years younger than me came over and sat down. I started talking to them, and we laughed and told jokes. They seemed to enjoy me. I found another girl who was obsessed with Melanie Martinez. We like became besties. I was at some Melanie Martinez concert somewhere, IDFK. I was standing on a gravely rock path and my brother was next to me. My family was behind me. Melanie and the drummer dude were in front of a house, maybe her house. And then, after she sang a song I said something really embarrassingly funny and Melanie laughed. I got embarrassed and started nervously talking to my brother. Then, after another song, I said something embarrassingly funny again, and Melanie laughed again. Then, I whispered to my brother again. I was nervous because I thought Melanie wouldn't like me. We started talking to each other after the concert, and it turns out she was really nice. I got so excited, I bounded over to my brother and started excitedly telling him what happened. And the dream ended XD I think we invited Melanie to our house because Melanie was over our house, and she was sleeping over. She was sleeping in my mom's room. She was very quiet while she was here. At dinner, she was very quiet and she observed the conversation. When my dad said something to her, she laughed and talked a little. But that was it. I finished my dinner, and got up and left. When I was walking down the stairs from my room, I said something to her and she said something bitchy back. I got upset because I thought she liked me. The next day, I saw her sitting outside by herself. I was concerned for her because she was isolating my family. I wish I would reach out to her, but I was too scared to. Melanie was still at our house. We were on our way to the movies, and we asked her if she wanted to come. She said no, she had some songs to write. I thought she would finally open up to our family, but I guess she was too shy to. I wanted to talk to her, but we were about to leave. I was worried that my ex-boyfriend Jordan was still attached to me and still loved me. I was walking in the parking lot one day and noticed Jordan walking with a girl, holding hands. I said hi to him, and usually he says hi to me in a squeaky, high voice which is his way of kind of "flirting" with me. But, this time he said hi normally. I was really happy, and asked him if he got a girlfriend. He said yes. I was elated and said bye to him. I was really happy he got a girlfriend, but kind of jealous. But I had my boyfriend, so there was nothing to worry about. My ex was finally over me. But, later at night he sent me a text in his weird, flirty way and something dawned on me that my ex-boyfriend was not over me, and he was acting normal in front of his girlfriend. Later, I heard a weird rendition of "Tag You're It" by Melanie Martinez and I wondered why it sounded so much different. I ran downstairs, and realized she was singing live on TV. I think Melanie went home because she wan't at our house anymore: Apparently, later we were going to Melanie's house to attend a pool party. We saw how big her pool was, and we found out she was already swimming in it. Jordan, his girlfriend, Marissa, my best friend, Bobby, my boyfriend, and my family attended the party and we all swam in her giant-ass pool. I don't remember what happened after that, but I remember someone taking a picture of all of us and I was thinking "When the hell did we do this?" I must have been drunk. I remember putting my arm around Jordan at some point. I was so embarrassed. I hoped nobody remembered that night.