Nightmare 1

Date: 4/2/2019

By soyboi12

Nightmare starts in a house or by the road. I think I may have been with my little sister throughout it. We walk in a creepy house at one point only to go back in and get something we forgot. I remember a creepy looking face on the sidewalk possibly an old man. Can’t remember much about the house but I remember going down the road maybe being chased (by old man?) and bicycle riders kept falling as they peddled by right next to us or just me. Fast forward...wake up in my home In the bed in the room being renovated. I fall out of a raised bed in my sisters room I think at one point I go down stairs to tell my parents the weird shit that’s been happening my dad and mom are in their room they don’t really believe me. I see a baby crawling on the floor and go into the hallway and I see another figure I’m pretty sure. I forget a lot but I wake up for real at college and there’s someone in my bed looking at me almost kneeled down I throw a punch through his head he’s still there. There’s another figure in my closet looking at me. So I get out of bed and turn all the lights on. Nothing there.