Marrying an Ex

Date: 8/13/2019

By emmaoftheleighs

I was at a family wedding or something, I think my aunt Wendy and uncle Mike were renewing their vows. The whole family was packed into this really small room. I was standing in the 2nd row seats and next to me was my ex boyfriend Daniel. In my dream we had just started darting again and had been together for about a month. He turned to me and was like, "hey, wanna get married?" And I said, "yea sure, why not". So next thing I know, my aunt is walking me down the isle and I'm starting to have second thoughts. I get married to Daniel, my cousin Dave was the officiator for some reason, and now I am in some sort of office building. I think in my dream I had gone back in time and I needed to get back to present day, or I think I wanted to go back in time? I went into this room and climbed a ladder with a bunch of dates and times on the white wall it was up against. I climbed to where the present day was and surveyed my options. I saw that I was able to go back in time 2 days which was the day of my wedding. I thought that would be perfect because then I could stop myself from getting married to Daniel. But before I could do that I woke up.