Naderer Family Adventure GONE WRONG!!!

Date: 6/19/2017

By drunchee

Never before have I had such an embarassing dream. Or guilty dream. Same thing. So I'm with Josh Garrett Brandon and Nick. We're walking around on this hillside full of trees here and there. It's fall. The river below us is mostly frozen over. Nick somehow gets water and splashes it on my face as we walk and explore. I get mad and push him to the ground. He hits/scrapes his face on a sidewalk and there's blood. Josh is pissed and tries to console Nick, and Brandon makes me feel awful by simply saying "dude you can't do that, for any reason." Garrett simply doesn't care. Some adults (aunts and uncles) come around by the time that Nick is not bloody, so no one, not even Aunt Jean or my mom, realizes I hurt nick (in self defense!) I start to jog away from the woods on this highway bridge along with my aunts and uncles, back to the house. From behind I hear Jean ask what I did to Meghan, and I say nothing, which is true. She must've heard someone say I hurt my cousin and must've assumed it was Meghan that I hurt. Josh Nick and Brandon haven't told her yet. Later I remember explaining to my mom that Nick splashed cold water on me but lied and said he also jumped on me to give a reason to why I hurt him.