Date: 7/3/2017

By Blew-Dreams

so I'm in the car with Arthur and najee talking about how Arthur needs a girlfriend because he is always horny. I get out of the car and continue the conversation. and Jermaine saw us talking and I guess he thought we we're talking about sex or something but we weren't. and he got super pissed and started chasing me. me and my mom and dea are trying to escape and he turns into a ghost and went inside the elevator and tried to trap me inside the elevator and kill me. but I jumped out just in time and escaped before he noticed. and then when I got outside he continued to chase me and I had to claim up a very tall. ulding to get away and hide behind a ceiling vent. he doesn't see me. his girlfriend does though and she grabs me by my leg and tried to throw me off! I escape again down the other side of the building. when I realize I'm safe there was suddenly a giant flood I had seen in another dream. I quickly climbed up to another building to escape and watched all the water go by on the street. as the water subsides I see a giant robot climb over a very tall building. and he targets me. he tries to throw something at me but I escape. he gets distracted by the bank building which was also in the flood dream. (there is something good in there) I am able to get away for the last time.