Strange time travel

Date: 4/30/2017

By MattTWD

In a dream where I experienced "growing up", not becoming older but being a young version of me turning into the current version. I remember being at my aunt's house being praised for what I've become and how I've matured (uncle gave me cologne etc and for some reason I ENJOYED IT). Also some random lady I didn't know was there not admiring me, but the presents I was getting. An old friend was there but he was PISSED for some reason. He was still in his young form and he was just angry. Me, thinking I was the alpha at this point told him to straighten up. Him, (being the alpha back then) didn't have any of that and a fight happened. We both just punched each other but I landed 3 solid hits on him square in his face. He wouldn't go down!!! This engagement caused me to wake up. DAMN YOU KEVIN!! Ruining my days even today!! Once I can lucid dream it's over though buddy so watch your back.