We all died

Date: 8/6/2019

By Ryleedreams

Not sure where it all started but a bunch of people, some I knew, were all in this huge hall/room/ballroom type thing. There were tables and I looked for someone I knew. I found some friends and we started to play pokemon cards (I'm a nerd sry). But the. Out of nowhere a hige Raquasa (idk if thats spelled right but it's a pokemon) broke through the walls and started killing everyone. We tried to run but realized there was no exit to this place. We all died. After a few moments, we were back again. But something was different, we had this conscious feeling that we weren't really there, we died. We were presumably ghosts. After this settled in most people started to freak out. Me and a few others, however, tried to figure out what exactly was going on. We realized we could leave now through the whole in the wall the pokemon made. We left looking for answers. We soon realized that some people did escape the attack but we couldn't communicate with them only see glimpses of them. Was this Limbo? We were in the same place we died but we weren't alive? While the others tried to find more answers and attempted to talk to the living. I ran away hoping I'd find a way back. Back to life. Then I woke up.