Little girl biking through tunnels

Date: 8/20/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I'm driving on a motorcycle and see a very young girl on the road next to me. She is on a small, pink, plastic toy bike, but it is shaped like a stationary bike rather than a real one. She is barefoot, and not even pedaling, but she is going just as fast as me. I wonder if it's a motor powered scooter, like a mo-ped or something. Traffic is rather heavy, and I'm worried that she's going to get hit. I was particularly worried about her bare feet. She didn't seem at all bothered, as if it were normal. We all go into this strange tunnel, that is more of a tube, and I can't figure out how she is moving. Every time I look over at her, she isn't pedaling. Later, we are entering a different tunnel, this one a normal road tunnel, and a pedestrian comes up behind her and taps her on the shoulder. She sells the person a bottle of water. There are pedestrians all over. Many of them want to buy water too. I realize this is the little girl's job. I decide to stop creepily following her since I knew she was safe now, and briefly pondered if maybe I should go into the water selling business.