bong at school

Date: 3/10/2017

By BranchMan

I don't remember how but I ended up at school walking down the hall way with a rig and torch in my hand. I begin freaking out about how I'm supposed to hide this. I put the torch in my hoodie pocket and try to hold the rig as discreetly as possible as I quickly walk to the bathroom. I can tell that people can see I'm carrying a rig. I end up walking down this hallway that leads me to a room where Tyler and this girl are. I'm freaking out asking them where to hide all of this, they don't have good suggestions so I eventually just put it in my backpack and brace myself for a sketchy rest of the day. Later on I'm walking with my friend who for some reason had a long lighter that he had just lit for a second. A kid came up and took the lighter from him. I got very forceful with the kid, yelling at him about how he's going to get caught with it and it'll all come back to me and my friend and I'll get searched and they'll find my rig which had then turned into a regular bong. Last thing I remember is ripping the lighter out of the kids hand