Date: 6/27/2019

By bama

A song keeps playing on a radio n she runs over n turns it up smiling and dancing n she is so happy Everytime the song would play the DJ kept playing it over n over n she would repeat what she did the first time she was wearing a white pair of jeans and a white Jean jacket with a black blouse as her top and black ankle boots no heel I don't remember hearing her voice just seeing her excitement over this 1 song GIN BLOSSOMS - TILL I HEAR IT FROM YOU ITS NOT EVEN A SONG WE SHARED WHEN SHE WAS ALIVE SO KINDA WEIRD I DONT KNOW IF SHES TRYING 2 TELL ME SUMTHING N THE SONG OR IF. THE SONG HAS A HIDDEN MESSAGE THAT SHE WAS TRYING 2 GET ME 2 HEAR OR WHAT I MEAN MY CURRENT GIRLFRIEND. OF 4 YEARS JUST CHEATED IN ME WITH A MAN N LEFT ME AND IS HARDLY TALKING 2 ME I DONT KNOW IF THATS WHY OR IF SHE DID WHAT SHE COULD 2 DRIVE MY GIRLFRIEND AWAY I KNOW SPIRITS CAN DO SO MANY THINGS JUST DONT KNOW IF THATS IT OR NOT ANY HELP ON THIS WOULD B AWESOME