Old big reoccurring dream

Date: 6/3/2019

By ooflla

I used to have this dream every so often. I guess that’s what the title exactly means but whatever. I don’t have very many reoccurring dreams like maybe just a few and this was one of the main ones, maybe coming in first. I was very young when I had it first and idk I think something about it really resonated with me somehow perfectly like my aesthetic if you will. It’s definitely my most aesthetically interesting dream. Some of it was in black and white and later kinda reminded me of this one children’s picture book my dad used to read to me every so often. Also, the last time I had it I think, I think it was just a memory of it in my dream. It was like I was remembering that old dream I used to have but it wasn’t quite the real deal. Like I was just playing it again from memory. I was running through this meadowy/swampy terrain (black and white I think, or at least darker and washed out colors) and I was jumping over holes in the ground. (Fun fact I almost never really get nightmares, just dreams with a little to more worry in them at some points, more of a sensation or emotion...basically anxiety, but not really a plot to it, especially bc usually I can control at least a little where it goes) and then I get to this ocean and it’s really watercolory, which is where it reminds me of a cool picture book. I guess I just have to go further into the ocean bc that’s what I’m doing so idk but I’m also kinda jumping over these dips in the land that had water in between and below, which ended when you got to the more open ocean. In the water, there were fish. The fish were low key terrifying. They got bigger and bigger the farther I went in and I kept going. I remember them as shadowy and black watercolory fish, that weren’t necessarily anatomically correct, but like a drawing. Not cartoonish, but 2D and, again, watercolor styled. At some point or a few points maybe I fell in and it felt like I couldn’t get out and it’s like when ur on a floaty and there’s a big fish coming or something and you can’t get back on the floaty and like the floaty is slippery, life is feeling slippery.