Sleep Paralysis

Date: 2/24/2017

By Pacheco56

I was ready to go to bed. I wanted to try to lucid dream. So I began to think in my mind "Im going to lucid dream" "Im going to control my dream" as suggested by people on this app and websites. Now I was pretty doubtful at first but something did happen. Even though I wasn't able to control my dreams I did go under sleep paralysis. It was weird though, because I went under right before I fell asleep. Anyway, it had happened few days before, so this time I actually kind of liked it. I liked the way it felt, feeling my muscles contracting. I could hear voices and sounds in my head. I could hear my parents talking in my head. Although it all felt so very real, I was able to relax and calm myself down. this only lasted about a minute, at least I think it did. It was sort of enjoyable in a strange kind of way.