after school

Date: 2/8/2017

By pirate15

so I was waiting with my friend Stephanie, and out no where like everyone came back to school and even people that didn't go to our were there. so i was just walking around with Stephanie then her old friends showed up so we're all hanging out. then one of Stephanie's friends see they're ex. so then they're start thinking away to make him jealous, and they ask me to be her fake boyfriend and they want to walk by her ex with her and start kissing her and stuff. I say no bcz I didn't want to be apart of that. then out of no way my friend revel shows up running somewhere. I called his name but he just ran pass me, so u run after him to find out were he was going. when I catch up with him I ask him. he said that has to get some make up work bcz he has like 30 f's. that's when I wake up.