Cute jealous boy ❔❓🔫☠🚂😱

Date: 3/9/2017

By madnewman13😼

So I was walking through this building where I saw this boy maybe my age or a little older sitting at a table by himself. He was staring at me, examining me it seemed like. He smiled at me. I smiled back. Since he seemed nice and was so alone (and kind of cute) I decided to walk over to him and sit down. Without looking at me he said, " I have a crush..." I looked at him. " yeah, I have one too. And here he is!" My crush randomly walked up to where the boy and I were sitting. "Ouch, my crush is you though," he looked at me again. "I won't let you get to her!!" The boy violently got up and grabbed my crush. He pulled out a gun to his head. "No!" I said. Please forgive me! I don't really like him!" I lied, because I didn't want him to die! Then the boy said to me, " I will forgive you if you come and ride with me on my train." It seemed simple enough. Until I found out this train was a toy train. We literally rode on it everywhere. I found ourselves in my school cafeteria, in my grandma's and grandpa's house, and in my back yard. And that was basically my dream. A bonus: I got to write this dream down early because the power is out in my school today because of these terrible winds so school got canceled today! 🎉 LOL