the scientist

Date: 7/31/2019

By mgold15

so me and my three friends were trying to figure out if there was something hidden underneath the playground. after we started digging and piecing stuff together we realized there were 4 keys to 4 different rooms. so we found the holes and all turned the keys at once and then we dropped under the ground. i forgot what my room was but after it followed me it cut to following my friend who for some reason was just a nerdy boy. so he landed in a scientists lab who already knew we were coming. once the kid explained how he got in the scientist showed him around because he was super impressed a kid got in. anyways, so they go into the final room and the scientist slowly opens the door. theres a super gory huge alien that sort of looked like a telatubby strapped to a table that was tilted so it faced the door. my friend started muttering looked left and saw a photo of a smaller alien thing. he muttered to himself that he had found that one in jamaica. the scientist, without turning around, says “what?” my friend repeats that he had found that alien. the scientist says “and what did you do with it?” my friend says he brought it back to the hotel but it died. the scientist stood silent for a minute and then screamed. my friend got super scared and ran out the door and bolted for the exit. for some reason the exit was like a human-sized wall with a small opening on top which led to a ramp going up from where he was. since the old man was probably chasing him, he started climbing up the wall. he got up slowly after multiple attempts and starting climbing the ramp. but then he heard the scientist screaming and it got super loud super quick, and then the scientist was in the room before the wall. my friends foot was still near the wall and the scientist grabbed it. then i woke up