Tv shows

Date: 5/5/2017

By kake00

It started with me walking towards a small restaurant next to my school and when I got there I sat down with my friends. As the waiter came by he started rubbing the girl next to me, and she was not having it she flicked him off and warned him not to touch her. Then he came back and did it again so she got up and hit him. (Woke up). The next dream started with me in "my" house even thought it looked so different. It had red wood walls looked like a haunted house. As I walked up the creaky steps covered in the dark red wood. I made it to the top and opened the door and a boy was in the room watching a show. I sat with him and watched a horror show, and it had haunted things in it like coming to life an killing everyone. The only reason I wasn't scared was because it was a tv show.