Date: 4/14/2017

By beccathefriendlyghost

I was running from something or someone. I never saw who or what it was. Just a heavy feeling of something was right behind me and was going to harm me. After a long chase pursuit, I decided to steal a car, and head to Mexico. Finally I parked the car in what seemed to be a desert. I saw a trail, and a huge group of people. Where better to hide than in Mexico with a huge group of strangers, right? Anyway I walked for a while, seemed to be hours. Then I saw 2 familiar faces, finally someone I knew that would help me. That's when the dream switch. Same dream. Different background story. We were still on our way to Mexico walking on the trail, but something didn't seem right. Like, our destination wasn't actually Mexico. We decided to bail while we could. We told what we assumed to be the leader that we were taking a break and we'd catch up. We made it back to the stolen truck... then I woke up.