Me with five women

Date: 8/1/2019

By Stoney1989

This one was pretty cool. I had the feeling that we had big things we were all going to do the next day, and we were all really close. It was me and 5 women (I think 5). Anyways, I recall four of them having no significance to my dream at first as I had no interaction with them, but I was engaging in sexual activity with one of them on the couch. There was something going on and another one wanted to spend time with me. Later on, couch girl and me had called it quits and she was snoozing. I’m getting ready to sleep on the floor when another one came up to me and expressed some interest. The rest of the dream is just me having sex with her, even when all the other women wake up. The other women just watch us and get ready for our big day. That’s the last thing that I remember.