New Collage

Date: 6/28/2017

By IFailAtUsernames

I went to a new collage in a way different area compared to where the collage i go to is RN. I was nervous but I quickly made lots of new friends because of PHAN, SU and Frozen. (With Frozen i think the topic of kins came up and i said about that and they thought I was cool so wanted to be my friend) I remember on my bag I had I think my fairy watchover voodoo doll but the teachers there hated me for some reason. They said I was stupid and childish. I tried to NKT ley it get to me since my friends said that I'm not stupid n I'm clever n THST I may be childish but it's in a pure lighthearted way and makes me fun to be around. Didn't stop the teachers giving me dirty looks tho and when I was alone without my friends and around the teachers it was really bad and honestly made me feel bad for existing.