Psychic, Guardian Angels and God?

Date: 4/26/2017

By SoCheezy

I dreamt that I went to see a psychic at her home up in the mountains. She was doing many readings so I ventured away from the house and went down a road, where I got lost, I found some people and walked back to the house. I must have been gone for a long time cause she was about to shut her doors for the day before I begged her to see me before she closed. She had me write my name on a piece of paper, she waved her hand over it and began reading me. She said and I quote " I sense a very intense energy surrounding you, your guardian angel is coming forward and is asking you to get closer to God. Remember to ask for help him in good times as well as the bad times. " then my dream ended. Can anyone elaborate? Or is the answer right in front of me?