Zombie being stunned

Date: 2/16/2019

By bdenson

I’m this house with lots of ppl . Kaytlyn was there and I see her hugging this guy very tightly. (She looked concerned). I ask her who’s this one she says he’s ,don’t remember what she said . Then we are walking around the room she is hugging me as we are walking and she is whispering to me and then she says can I tell you a secret and you will keep it? I said yes . We go in another room and climb up on something not sure and so then I see other ppl come in and the next thing I know she’s not in the room anymore I thought where did she go . Next scene..I’m in this room with lots of ppl and there is this guy outside asking somebody at the front of the house something, he kinda looked like a zombie., his pants were torn and he looked rough . He starts walking around to the side of the house I said this guy is coming around ( there were windows around the house .im sitting by a small glass door at the back of the room and I unlock it and go out into another room and I say to katlyn and othrrs come on . I thought they were going to but I hear a bunch of commmotion and I go back in and there are a couple of ppl at the front has stun guns and they are touching him with it and I see electric lights flying and I believe they got him I hear this later . Also I remember during the dream she was sitting in front of me on the floor And I put my hand on her head and prayed father be with Katlyn give her love joy and peace, she repeated this and said in Jesus name and I says also in Jesus name ,