Assassins Creed just became deadly

Date: 7/24/2019

By zuru

I am in some ancient marble city with some of those big structures (I think a church) and I walk past a scaffolding. I Addison’s creed myself up there, not particularly high, and I am Russian squatting on the wooden slab on top. I notice a bust of Jesus at the very end of the slab. Oops, that looks breakable. I carefully but easily transition to the slab on my right, which is a little bit higher. I see there is something at the end as well. I try to go back to the lower platform. I struggle with finding footage and the slab turns. The statue moved left and is now on the side of the slab, barely holding on. The platform is turned left way too much and I successfully turn it back a little. Here comes the dangerous part: a fucking car suddenly runs into and through the scaffolding, ruining everything and almost killing me. I do some maneuver to evade it and land just left next to the scaffolds. The rest of the dream is me and someone else trying to find him.