Date: 3/3/2017

By Oyasumi

It's been a while since I've written down a dream. Probably a bad thing but eh, whatever. - - - - I don't remember what it was we had done nor the events preceding this but it was definitely illegal. 'We' being me and a person I had perceived as my father, though he looked nothing like him (sometimes). He started rushing to pack essentials in his bag and told me to do the same because the authorities were arriving soon. We heard knocking at the door and a voice ask if they could enter. I started panicking as I stuffed what I could into my bag (I remember struggling to get my earbuds in as they were unwound). As all this was happening, my mother was asking us "What did you do?" "Why did you do it?" As if she was annoyed more than angered at us. My dad kept telling her to not open the door. The knock came again and this time she opened it. My dad panicked and started shouting as he ran around to try and evade the guest. But, turns out, it was just the plumber. I laugh at him as we leave through the elevator. Once we exited the building, a little, sort of, notification bar appeared at the top of my vision. Sometimes it was there and sometimes it was not. But when it was, it showed a pixel cartoon version of a cop that would say things like a news broadcaster. I remember a specific line that said "49 cops are now in pursuit of ___" the blank being the name of my father which I don't know (the dream father not the real one). So as we were running down the street, an ambulance car pulls up and the driver opens the passenger door for us to enter. The driver was revealed to be an old friend of my father. Another announcement came on the notification thingie as we drove down the street: "___ is wanted for the next 48 hours" I remember the friend saying, "Geez, 48 hours? The hell did you do?" My dad proceeded to explain, which I didn't remember. I'm then watching an outside view as I see the car transform from an ambulance to a cop car. The screen then cuts to all three of us sitting in a diner and ordering food. I notice the thinness of my father's hair at the front of his head but it quickly disappears as he tilts his head up. - - - - It's a weird point to wake up on but dreams don't always make sense, I guess ^3^;