Lucid Plan #3 Mermaid

Date: 4/30/2017

By xXScarclawXx

3rd Plan! 😄 I like doing this, because when I'm bored I can literally make up anything. Also, if YOU have any ideas, leave a comment down below and let me know! (Hey that rhymes.) Also, if you have no idea what this is, go on my profile and find Lucid Plans #1 Tropical. Everything will be explained! Anyways, here we go! So I will be at a beach/island. I guess it will be the same place as Lucid #1 Tropical. I really like beaches. I will walk into the water and transform into a mermaid. I like shapeshifting, so this will be a big part in most of my plans 😊 I want to have a blue/purple/green tail, but you guys can make it any color you want. Also I will have blue hair because why not! 😬 I will swim around really fast for fun. (Do mermaids swim with their arms? I don't know...) I will also find Atlantis and TAKE OVER WITH A DOLPHIN ARMY!!! 😈🐬🐬🐬 I am going to live in Atlantis with my dolphin army. It will be so great. Maybe the army will also have octopi (octopuses? 🐙) in it. I don't even know. I also want to eat mermaid food. What do they even eat? ...Seaweed salads...? Don't know that either. I will basically live a normal life only underwater with a dolphin/octopus army. 😄 Well, what do you think? This probably wasn't one of my best plans... 😬 I got a little distracted by my MASTER DOLPHIN/OCTOPUS ARMY. *cricket noises* Umm... Okay! What plans do you want me to make? I was thinking about doing a Harry Potter one, but I also want to do a "the life of a cat" one. Thank you for reading! Please like and comment!