3 dreams in one

Date: 7/29/2017

By mrmidgetman

the first dream I was back at my old primary school and I was speaking russian to one of my old russian school friends. the funny was though I don't know how to speak russian but I'm thinking about learning it. the second dream I wasn't actually in my body but I was just an observer of the dream and the main characters of this dream where captain Picard's first officer and Beverly crusher from star trek. and the weird this is they were actually robots being controlled by little versions of them self inside the head of the robot. and there was something about a ballon and Beverly crusher getting upset about it and then there was a fight.and that was the end of that dream. the last dream I was at my nans house and about 10 other kids were there and again I wasn't actually in my body for this dream I was an observer again. basicly the dream was that everyone had powers and the main character could control ice. he ended up freezing the pond at the end of my nans backyard. and then everyone was just kind of running around doing the own things and then the next thing I new I was on this mars like planet and there was a doctor there and she told me something but I can't remember what it was.