Digital art, A young couple running and laughing through the colorful streets of Port Mackerel in Splatoon, with the sun setting in the background.

Port Mackerel Kiss (Splatoon Setting)

Date: 8/8/2019

By Xiileaf

(Not in Dream) I did not enter sleep paralysis, but I did remember my dream! It’s kinda weird and confusing for me though... 😂 Unfortunately though, I did not lucid dream. (Not in Dream) My dad and I were at a place that looked somewhat like Port Mackerel from Splatoon 2. We were probably near one of the base areas. I’m not sure what I was doing, but a guy that likes me, Dakota, ran over to me. He grabbed me by the arm and the two of us ran like children through Port Mackerel. We, I guess, pretended to run away from my dad (who did not make an effort to stop us). Dakota and I ran a bit longer, dodging behind walls and moving obstacles until we randomly stopped behind some walls. I think he placed his hands on my shoulders and faced me before giving me a quick kiss on the lips. The weirdest part was that the kiss made and odd suction-y/pop sound when he pulled back. We started running around like children again through Port Mackerel and then I woke up. (Not in Dream) This was another dream I had in the morning. Also, Dakota (IRL) told me he liked me in January. I kiiinda liked him too. Ever since, we’ve been talking about going out on a date, but we both never made an effort to. 😂 I think he’s just a good friend though, meaning I don’t like him as any more than a friend anymore. Side note; when I woke up and checked Splatoon 2, Port Mackerel was one of the 2 hourly stages for Regular Battles.

AI generated interpretation This dream may be a reflection of your feelings for Dakota, your wish to explore a romantic relationship with him, and your understanding of the situation. The fact that you were running away from your father symbolizes your desire to be independent and explore your own feelings without any outside influences. The kiss signifies a desire to explore a romantic relationship with him and the suction-y/pop sound could suggest the potential of a powerful connection between the two of you. The fact that you were running around like children again afterwards could suggest that you still are unsure of what this relationship could be or if it would even work out. Additionally, the fact that you checked Splatoon 2 and Port Mackerel was one of the stages could suggest that the dream was a sign or omen that you should take the opportunity to explore your feelings for Dakota further.