Lucidity Realm

Date: 2/19/2017

By Khiyt

A lucid dream. It was dark out and I was standing outside on a familiar-looking grass field, in the middle of a European style neighbourhood with a giant clock tower and orange lightposts on the sidewalks , surrounded by ghost deer with white eyes and familiar people in my life running around. I realized I was in a dream when I looked at a bottle of nail polish I was holding, glaring at the detail of my hands and the bottle so that I may remember the details when I woke up. I also looked at the sky, with amazement, knowing that everything that I am witnessing is being constructed by my mind, and that I am currently inside my brain. Then, with this in my mind, I realized that my body was still asleep and I can control everything in my dream, so, to have some fun, I ran up to all the ghost deer and tried to startle them. And I also ran at super speed occasionally. Later in the dream, just out of random, there was a geography test where we were trying to guess a country's name (it was Burma, misplaced into the continent of North America). I kept wanting to say Burma, but for some reason I didn't, possibly because it was in North America. Later I had a skirmish with someone resembling my sister and woke up after that.