old lady's house

Date: 8/26/2017

By liddy

me and my pops girlfriend are walking back from somewhere and we make a turn. I see a puppy in a cage in front of this house. we are looking at it, for some reason it seemed to me as if it was a puppy mill, I told her we should go. we turn and this old lady is coming out. she sends the mother dog back inside. mother dog had a grey leather wrapping on her back leg like something native. she invites us in. beautiful house. first room is all blue mosaic tile. we sit and talk. she gives my friend a bunch of pickle jars and olive jars. I saw we should go cause I get a bad feeling. then I notice the aquariums built into the wall. they have anemones and other reef life, starfish etc. I'm amazed. we end up going to see the rest of the house. upstairs there's her room and the big mother dog laying there. the whole time in trying to discreetly take photos.